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Spotify Premium won't take my money


Spotify Premium won't take my money

Up until this year I was paying for two Premium plans (one for me and one for my wife) both with my Visa credit card. Both accounts stopped working on 01/03/16, one year and one month after I signed up for Premium on 12/3/14.


I verified my card had plenty of available funds and that it hadn't expired, and I was sure it was fine because I also use this card for other bills and services which haven't been affected.


I contacted both and and neither gave me any helpful feedback. In fact, they only seem to be sending automated responses that give me the same information I find online. So far, this is the only help that I've gotten in response to my support tickets:


  1. Make sure your card hasn’t expired. 
    Did that.
  2. Enable your card for online transactions (Verified by Mastercard for example).
    It is, and it had worked for Spotify Premium before.
  3. The payment card’s country must match the country in your Spotify profile.
    It does.
  4. The card must be open for foreign purchases.
    Yep. I've used it in Mexico before.
  5. Some banks will require further security authentication, such as 3DSecure.
    I've never heard of this and it's not something that I can find on my card's website.
  6. Try signing up for Premium in a different web browser. 
    I tried that, too.

I've since cancelled both of our Premium accounts and it's gone back to the free mode with ads. Since then I've tried re-purchasing Premium individually and also tried purchasingthe family plan for $14.99 and it keeps giving me the error message, "Oops, seems your card or payment provider is having a bad day." I've tried other cards now too, including a debit card, all giving me the same error message.


I'm desperately wanting to use Spotify Premium on moblie in my car again. Please, Spotify, why won't you take my money???


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It worked for me today! Finally! Take my money spotify! haha you all should try it see if it works!

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Thanks for all the research! What case number did you get?

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What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

I´m experiencing the exact same problem. Til last year I had a premium account, which I canceled by november 2015, and got back to Free mode.
Now I´m trying to upgrade to premium under my registred login/password and cannot go further the "fill you credit card data" page. After I fill every information asked and press the Confirm my spotify premium account, the page stalls, and reload from beggining again. It is like not recognizing the data entered. I asked the support about that but with no avail.


I got case #: 04518095 but it looks like it was just a reply with those same 6 points listed above and I think it's closed now. Not very helpful.


They also say to try "an alternative payment method such as purchasing a gift card from a store to redeem on your account", but given that any form of payment doesn't seem to be working for me I don't feel like trusting their system to even redeem a prepaid card.

@cjdub, when did you open your case?

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What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

I am facing the same issue currently and have tried contacting support with no answer yet.

Spotify stopped working on the 3rd, I emailed and the case was opened on the 4th.

Does Spotify support read these posts I wonder? I'll probably email them again tomorrow and start another case.

My case was open 3 days ago and yesterday Spotify customer support came out
with a temporary solution which is giving my account 1 month free premium
gift card. Meanwhile they would sort out the issue with the site.



I've gotten a response after emailing support again today. Hopefully I can sign up again next week.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for taking the time to write in. We're sorry to hear you've had trouble signing up for Premium.

We're aware of the issue, and recommend waiting a few days and signing up again. We're sure everything will go through then.

You'll have to wait a bit longer to get started on Premium. But we promise it's worth the wait!

Let us know if you continue to have any issues.

All the best,


Spotify Customer Support

As of today, I'm still not able to get subscribed to Premium. I tried using mulitiple cards and using different browsers again today, still receiving the same error message. It's been 15 days since it stopped working.


I've never had such a hard time trying to pay a company for it's services.

Me too I have similar problem It always shows me OOPS maybe your card is having a bad day...



It isn't working for me either. I contacted spotifycares through twitter and they responded last Thursday telling me that they are aware of the issue and have passed it along to the other teams then told me to wait 2 business days then try again. So I am hoping after today it will work? I gave it a try today and it doesn't so I will try again tomorrow and then contact them again. Ill update you if and when mine works!

I'm still not getting payment through to them as of today. I haven't tried their twitter help but I did contact Spotify Cares on facebook. They said, "Everything seems to be fine on our end. Do you have a different card or an alternative payment method such as PayPal you can try?"


That was frustrating. After letting them know I'd rather not use Pay Pal and should be able to use the card I had used for an entire year before they said, "No worries. We've reported this to our Accounts team and they're looking into it. Just give it another shot after two working days."


By this point I'm about ready to jump over to Amazon Prime music services or Google Musc. I just need to export my playlists.

haha me too! Im about to pour my money into Apple Music, thats how desperate I am. But at the same time I really liked spotify! I haven't had issues with it all year til now lol

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It worked for me today! Finally! Take my money spotify! haha you all should try it see if it works!

I can't believe it. It worked for me too! I am now signed up for the family plan for me and my wife.


This whole time Spotify Cares and their support team have been telling me that the problem was on my side. I used the same exact credit card I've been using the past year, the same one they stopped accepting on Jan 3rd. Nothing had changed, nothing was wrong with the card. I have no idea why or what made this happen, and there wasn't any type of helpful communication from Spotify to resolve the issue.


Thanks for letting me know, Raymond!

I am stll having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM as you guys. Still waiting for an answer from Spotify.

Wait... WHAT worked? I live in MX now and spotify still wont take my credit card???!!!!

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