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Hello, I have been flicking between Apple Music and Spotify and decided to go with Spotify. I have already used the 7 day free trial for Spotify a few weeks a go and today when I decided to purchase Spotify Premium I noticed on my iPad that I was already connected to Spotify Premium without paying for it. It may of come of of my iTunes account but I didn't do it. When I go onto the program on my computer it says that I am on premim but when I log on to the website it says my account is on free account? Am I on some sort of free Premium trial? Thanks.

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Are you sure you're logged in to the right account? It might be possible you got an duplicate account somehow, so please doublecheck that you're logged in to the right account.

If you're sure your logged in to the right account through the website, and at the desktop app, please take a look at the receipt page. Does it show a reason why it might think you're on premium?


Please let me know, I'm here to help! 🙂