Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium

Hi i have 2 accounts of spotify and on December 30th i try to make the payment of premium first on one account and the page of Spotify show an error then i try on my another account and have the result, yesterday i check my card details and i have 2 charges from Spotify but no ones of my accounts are premium
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Hey @MSkalera,


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Could you send over a screenshot of the error message that appeared? We'll check it out and see what we can suggest.





Hi, i dont have an SS of the error cuz the message said no charge was made
it and i just try from another word and when the payment fail i just decide
dont try again, the problem is because on the details of my card shows 2
charges of Spotify 😕



Not to worry! The charges you're seeing may be pending. Could you check out this article? Let us know if you think this definitely isn't the case 🙂



Hey ihr lieben,


Ich wollte mir eben spotify- Premium holen und per sofort-Überweisung, da ich weder PayPal noch Mastercard und Co besitze, allerdings sagt der immer ich soll mich bei meiner Bank anmelden und eine Meldung  bestetigen. Allerdings erscheint dort keine... hab das schon mehrmals probiert aber es will nicht. Könnt ihr mir vllt helfen... ich würde gerne das spotify alleine vom Konto einziehen kann... 


Danke für eure Hilfe ....


This problem isnt solved yet i have this 2 screenshoots from my card detais

Problem not solved

I just lost the money trying to make me premium

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