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Spotify South Africa and Sonos

Spotify South Africa and Sonos

I have signed up to Spotify Premium, thank you for finally coming to SA and for a great service BUT please please please could you update your licencing with Sonos to allow your service to be listed on there music service options page as i can use my spotify with my Sonos APP.  Many thanks

10 Replies

Hi @warrenpfo!


We get you and hopefully, you'll be able to use your Sonos device with your Spotify account very soon. We’d recommend suggesting this idea in our Community where you can get support from other fans.


Any other questions, just let us know. 

Is there any update on being able to use Spotify on my Sonos system, that is what I subscribed for, some feedback would be appreciated


Frustratingly no news and still not able to use spotify as a music service via sonos

I just cant understand how you a companies of this size rolls out their products with such problems.




Same problem. Would be great for Spotify as Sonos is very popular in South Africa.

I am not sure what mentioning it in the community will do ? Just sort it out please.

Please address this issue.  The first response was quick and no updates since then.  I'd like to activate my Spotify Premium membership, but not until I can access Spotify through Sonos. 

And no family membership - I'm wondering if its worth it - Apple offer it all, as does Google from what I see in this community!

Thank you, Folks. Spotify is now playing through my Sonos system.  I've signed up for premium membership and am enjoying great music.


Excellent - mine too - I guess the commuinty pressure helps !

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