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Spotify Still Active, but Hulu Canceled

Spotify Still Active, but Hulu Canceled


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My Question or Issue: 

I went to log into my Hulu and it said I was no longer subscribed. Contacted Hulu and they said Spotify canceled my subscription on 10/27/19. Is there a way to get my account back because I am still being charged the same fee for both and not just Spotify. 


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Hi there @KierstynFB17,

thanks for posting !


Have you done anything different with your account around the date you mentioned?

The reason i'm asking is if you have had issues with your payment method / changed payment method / change subscription type it could effect the offer.


However, the Hulu offer doesn't exsist anymore which means it cannot be claimed again.


Hope this helps 🙂

I changed my email because my previous email was compromised in the chegg hack thing. Other than that nothing.

Did you change your e-mail address on October 27?

No. It was a few days before.

Is October 27 the date on which your Spotify account renews each month?

Yes? If that means when I am billed then yeah

Okay, I was just curious. That doesn't really explain what happened. It simply means that Spotify's computers somehow decided that as of the end of that billing period, you were no longer eligible for the Hulu bundle. It may or may not be related to the change in your e-mail address.

Changing your e-mail address should NOT cause you to lose your Hulu bundle. But it may have happened. The terms of service say that in order to qualify for the bundle, your Hulu account must be linked to your Spotify account. When you changed your e-mail address, you may have accidentally "un-linked" the two accounts.

Did you also change the e-mail address on your Hulu account?

If so, which one did you change first?

You could try reaching out to Spotify customer service. But don't get your hopes up. Their regular customer service reps cannot restore the Hulu bundle because it is no longer offered. You're going to get an apology, and if you're really lucky, you might get an explanation. But chances are they don't really know why this is happening.

if you really want to escalate the issue, I recommend using the dispute resolution process contained in the terms of service. It begins with sending a letter by certified mail to their corporate office in New York.

I have some personal experience with this process. You may message me privately if you wish.

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