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Spotify Stopped working, error 408

Spotify Stopped working, error 408

Many of my friends use spotify daily and have been using the service for months now.  I was convinced to join spotify and loved it.  After 14 days of use, the error 408 came up, and since then haven't been able to listen to music.  I have tried different IP's from different locations and towns and still nothing.  What disturbs me is that i have many friends using the free service near my location and they have not had this problem.  I live in Puerto Rico wich is a U.S. territory and have set up US as my country.  I really don't know what's wrong.

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When you log in Spotify checks the internet protocol (IP) address that you use to connect to the internet and compares it to the country you set in your profile when you registered. If they do not match and you are away from your home country more than 14 days you will not be able to log in. If you have moved we suggest you change the country in your profile, as long as you have moved to one of our other launch countries. If you travel extensively you can purchase a premium subscription for unlimited travel. In some cases this error can occur by mistake if you use Spotify at work as many companies route their traffic through other countries therefore you appear to be abroad. If you’re at work and have this problem you can solve this problem by logging in to your Spotify account at home occasionally.

I haven't left my country, neither have my friends and they still have access, i have even used the IP they currently use and it doesn't change anything.  My profile is set as US and Puerto Rico is included in what i read in the news.

Do you use Free service? Also at home?

yes and yes.  I just read from the forums a similar problem and found this:


xchaser- Are you currently in Puerto Rico? Spotify isn't currently available in U.S. territories due to licensing restrictions.  written by Meredith (Moderator).


 So maybe it works on some IP addresses as you said and is not yet available in the island.

So, what if I've still got 9 days in a foreign land and I don't want to purchase your "premium membership" and I don't want to change my country of residence because obviously I haven't moved? Am I SOL?

Hi Darthdildo - I'm afraid if you're a free user you can only travel with Spotify for up to 14 days. After this, you'll need an Unlimited or Premium subscription to keep listening. 


We've got more info on travelling with your Spotify right here.

Did you ever resolve this??

I opened up my account when I was temporarily living in Nashville, TN.  I moved back to Puerto Rico and since then I haven't been able to use my account.  So my question is: do ALL users based in Puerto Rico need to buy a Premium account?.  

And personally I believe it's a bit offensive if we are residents of Puerto Rico and we are being considered as users who are travelling abroad.  But that's just my opinion.

If spotify is not available in Puerto Rico then to use the spotify service you would have to have a premium subscription purchased in another country where it is available. However since purchasing premium requires your account and payment methods to be registered in the same country this could be an issue if you permanently live in a country that's spotify is not available. 



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Spotify certainly wouldn't want to offend residents of Puerto Rico. It's not up to us to decide these political questions. Unfortunately, we have to abide by the the terms of our music licensing. These consider Puerto Rico to be a different territory, so our hands are tied for the moment.

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