Spotify USA redeeming gift card - whose postal code?


Spotify USA redeeming gift card - whose postal code?

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I bought a $10 e-gift card at When I enter the premium code and either nothing in the next field or my postal code I get the error "Something went wrong. Try again, or get help." I tried replacing my postal code with the PIN from the e-gift card, but that also doesn't work. Basically, I tried every variation of code, PIN and my postal code -- all the same error. 


I've tried it in Chrome and Firefox (Win7), all blockers deactivated, over several days. I also tried on my Android tablet; didn't find an option inside the app, but used the Lastpass built-in browser and Brave (with all shields down). Nothing.


Are they by any chance asking for the postal code of the store where the gift card was bought? How on earth would I find that out? The postal code part is never mentioned anywhere in the help, which isn't much help anyway, just step-by-step instructions, incomplete at that.


I've seen a lot of people having trouble with gift cards, which really is mind boggling. I'd have thought they'd make this as easy as possible to get more paying customers.


If anyone has an idea what else I could try, I'd be grateful, since it seems that customer support will be even slower right now than usual.

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Re: Spotify USA redeeming gift card - whose postal code?

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A big THANK YOU to @Spotifycares on Twitter for solving my problem within seconds. I swear I tried that combination before, but it worked this time, so all's good.


So, since this might come up again for others, here's what's the kicker: unlike in other cases of gift card redemption here you do NOT enter the gift card code, but the PIN! (And yes, the postal code is yours.)


I don't know how the wording is on physically bought gift cards, but e-gift cards (I'm assuming), follow the usual gift card template of code + PIN.  No idea why Spotify uses the PIN instead of the code, but that's the way it is.


Suggestion: PLEASE, Spotify, add that important piece of info to your help file or simply to your redeem screen info.