Spotify Unknown Device

Spotify Unknown Device




I've seen other threads and i wrote to support but the problem is... my email got somehow changed to and it is not mine. I don't have my password or anything. Account was created through facebook. The story is that today something weird happend and unknown device was changing my music to Careless Whisper (hehe funny ive got a REALLY bad day today and im mad right now) then he just listened to his own music on his own device. Now i got back to home and im normally listening to music on PC without any problems, no unknown devices but i don't feel safe. I can't change my email nor anything on account right now... Device name was "iPhone - de Jorge Armando"


Is there any way that spotify support can help me ? I've paid for premium and i don't want to change my account...

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Now my facebook account is not connected with any spotify account XD NICE SUPPORT SPOTIFY THANKS FOR LEAVING ME FOR MYSELF AND LETTING ME LOSE MY PREMIUM ACCOUNT

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