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Spotify Unlimited Fail

Spotify Unlimited Fail

Hello today it seems like i bought Spotify unlimited. I clicked on spotify unlimited to see what specs it had. But then suddenly I paid 50 Dkk for it. I ain't using spotify unlimited, Actually I can't use it at all. I would see if you still could listen to music offline at mobile and suddenly i bought it just because my card information already is filled
you shouldn't make it automatically buy in a question of seconds. I cancelled it already 5 seconds after i bought it, but i still paid 50 dkk. for something i don't want. If i can get my money refunded i would be glad. No personal i love your free streaming music service, No problem there. But see it in my perspective pay 50 dkk for something you don't want and can't use is completely ridiculous

Regards, Jesper Petersen

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You will need to get in touch with the customer services team using the online contact form and they will be able to assist you further with this.



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