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Spotify Why did you REMOVE MY SONG I PAID FOR?

Spotify Why did you REMOVE MY SONG I PAID FOR?

I recently put up a song on spotify that I sent through TuneCore. For the past couple fo days the song was playing perfectly fine. TODAY However, the song seems to be removed from Spotify! I Did NOT Authorize this song to be Removed NOR did I Approve. The Song was My song and it was not removed for copyright or DMCA. I Know that for sure! Can Someone tell me why Spotify removed my song without my permission?



Song URL:  spotify:track:2E2zJLAb3BHDPbKnU8ZaAC


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Hey there @Ricky5120 and  welcome to the community!


That is odd. You should contact Spotify for artists through this support form so a member of the Spotify staff can look into this. Please keep in mind that due to the amount of emails they get, a reply may be late.


Hope this was helpful!



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