Spotify account linked to dead email


Spotify account linked to dead email


Hello spotify community, I have tried to solve this problem on my own but im unable to. 

I was doing some internet cookises/password cleaning and managed to get my spotify account that was linked to my facebook removed from auto login. 

And when I tried to reconnect to it with facebook it said my account name / password was wrong, so I tried entering the information as usual... same error. I figured I'd just go ahead and reset the password only to find out that the account was linked to an email address which was hacked 4-5 years ago and is now terminated. 


so in conclusion, can't log in to spotify, can reset password but not access the email it get sent to, and I got premium running on it.


Please help

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Re: Spotify account linked to dead email

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What users can do that have email contact issues like this is to use the anonymous contact form here:


You have to make sure you are not signed into Spotify on any of the Spotify apps or at the Spotify account page.


If you get an email back directing to the support forums, reply back to that email even if it is from noreply, and the support team will be able to take a look at your issue and you'll hear from them shortly.