Spotify account lost its premium subscription


Spotify account lost its premium subscription




My Spotify account was premium by being connected to an offer from my cellular mobile provider, Rogers Communications. Part of my plan included a Premium account which is still active. Prior  to signing up to this cellular plan, I had a Spotify account which was affiliated with my Facebook account. 


So once I got Spotify from my cellular plan, they had an option of connection my 2 accounts so I wouldnt need to be paying for 2 accounts. I did just that and everything was working fine until a couple weeks ago when it seems that the accounts lost their connection because I was left with my account no longer having Premium status. 


However, there is an account with the cellular provider. WHich for some reason I cannot access as well. I contacted my cellular provider but they couldnt solve the issue either. How do I proceed with this situation? 

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Sounds like you just need to have your Spotify accounts linked with Rogers again. To do this, sign into your MyRogers account, go to the Account Overview tab, go to the What You Have section where you selected your content experience, and then click the “Manage” button. On the following page, the phone numbers of the family members on your plan should be listed within the drop-down menu. Select the phone number you would like to register for Spotify and click the Register buttonYou will be taken to the Spotify sign-in/sign-up page. After this step, you can start enjoying Spotify immediately! Unfourtently with telco partnerships, Spotify doesn't have access to those subscriptions settings since it's all done through the telco. Any premium issues from a telco partnership have to be directed to the telco.


The account that is with the cellular provider is interesting. If you know the e-mail or username of the account, then try resetting the password at to gain access to it. 

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