Spotify account suddenly "paused"?


Spotify account suddenly "paused"?

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After many years of using Spotify, I am suddenly getting an error that my account has been paused. This is the error, which has occurred repeatedly over 3 days:  

  • Oops, seems your card or payment provider is having a bad day. Don't worry, no money has been charged. Try again or use another payment method.

First, kudos for a totally meaningless error message.  I contacted the bank, and they said that there were no requests from Spotify to establish an autopay, and all was well from their side.  


So, how can I unpause this account?

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Re: Spotify account suddenly "paused"?

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Hey there @piano_nina, welcome to the community!


That's very odd, indeed. Have you made sure of the following:





Let me know if any of this helped!



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Re: Spotify account suddenly "paused"?

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Yep, tried all that and contacted the bank as well. Used several browsers
and chrome incognito, to no avail. Always the same error. Spotify customer
service says to wait a few more days and try again. Not a very helpful

Re: Spotify account suddenly "paused"?

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Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller....?


Going on five days, still no help from Spotify, still can't accept my bank information. Grrrr.....

Re: Spotify account suddenly "paused"?


Hi there piano_nina,


Sorry to hear that this has taken so long to resolve.


I've checked and can confirm that everything should go through this time. Re-entering your payment details should now work fine.


Let me know if you're still experiencing the same issue.