Spotify and Facebook won't connect

Spotify and Facebook won't connect

I have tried everything to connect my facebook and Spotify, but sometimes it says it successfully connected and nothing happens, while other times it says that my facebook is connected to a different Spotify account. But if I try to log in using facebook on the login screen, I am unable to log in. I have also tried the social/facebook links that are present in other similar forum posts and they don't work either.

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Hey @vedantammihir, welcome to the Community!


Does it help if you remove the app from your Facebook settings and try to connect your profile from the desktop app again? In Facebook, go to Settings > Apps > and click con the x icon to remove Spotify.


Let us know if that works. 

The app does not appear on my facebook apps...

Thanks for letting us know!


In that case, you can look for the app and add it. Try connecting your Facebook profile afterwards and let us know if it goes through.


Keep us posted.

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