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Spotify and Vodafone (PT)

Spotify and Vodafone (PT)



I am a vodafone PT customer and I am paying the spotify subscription to them. When I tried to connect my Vodafone number to spotify account it is just impossible!! I am paying a service that I am not able to use! 

Vodafone PT already sent the problem to Spotify but a week later I am still in free acount! I'm getting tired of this and thinking to use another stream service... 



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I escalated your problem to staff. They will reply you as soon as possible.
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Hey @diogo13


Sorry to hear you're having trouble activating your subscription via Vodafone.


You mentioned you're having trouble connecting your Vodafone number to your Spotify account. Are you receiving any error messages or notifications when doing so? What have Vodafone stated so far regarding this?

Thanks in advance. 

As far as I know, Vodafone told me that is a spotify problem and they escalated the problem to Spotify staff. 

It doesn't give me any error. When I Choose Facebook Login when subscribing the service via Vodafone, it just wont appear my name or my facebook picture. If I do "allow" anyway just say "an error occoured, please try again later".



Still need help...

I'm having a similar issue, I had a premium account until now, and a couple of days ago it says I'm in a free plan.

I contacted Vodafone Support and they say it Spotify's issue, and the fact is in my husbands account he see "Vodafone" as the payment option and still has a Premium account while I don't.

According to vodafone the service is subscribed and should be working.

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