Spotify app not working on iPhone at all


Spotify app not working on iPhone at all

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Can someone please help me I have a premium account and I cannot use Spotifiy I phone app at all since update. I am using I phone 5. Nothing loads when I long in . It's just all black and white . And can't even play radio just nothing loads . Please help me I have done all the troubleshooting steps nothing fixes it . I am paying money for a service I can't use . Some please help me ?
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Re: Spotify app not working on iPhone at all

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Unfortunately, though the issue isn't identical, you are probably experiencing the major bug with the latest iOS version (0.7.1) which has been outlined here. Feel free to add the information requested in the thread so Spotify can help diagnose the issue faster.


As per the bug report, a temporary fix should be to change your region settings to the US, by going to Settings>General>International>Region format and change the country. Also, have you tried a quick clean reinstallation of Spotify if that doesn't work? Always worth a shot!


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