Spotify artist: Cannot playback posted tracks


Spotify artist: Cannot playback posted tracks


I’ve tried everything in the past threads and google searches to get tracks that I posted on Spotify through distrokid to play.  I can’t even click the cover art to pick a song in a new window.
 So far:

- I have emailed distrokid: response was to try  reinstall or log out ——> did that

- I read to do a complete clean reinstall: did that for my pc, iPhone and even PlayStation app.  Followed all directions and Spotify is not on my pc.  Restarted phone a few times to ensure that would reset things.  Restarted the PlayStation——> no dice!

- Went back and uninstalled “Spotify for artists” which I though may be the kicker——> I’m spent.  I did all of that.


Hardware (not overly detailed):
The pc is a Lenovo using windows 10.

The phone is an iPhone 8 Plus.

The PlayStation 4 cures loneliness.


That said,

I can’t even listen to my own music on any of my devices.  One track plays and does not skip to another.  Only 1.  The worst part is, I’ve asked several others to check and it plays fine on their devices.  All of their devices.  Please help with any ideas.  I can’t think of any other way.  Please no strange obvious questions I haven’t already answered.  Your help may be polite and genuine but that does not solve the issue.  Hopefully someone knows what I am doing wrong.

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Rock Star 24

Hey @CleverWolf, thanks for reaching out to the Community!

I'd recommend getting in touch with Spotify for Artist's team here. They'll take a look and do their best to help. 


Have a nice day! 

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