Spotify can't see Facebook friends - shows sample friends instead


Spotify can't see Facebook friends - shows sample friends instead

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So, I always logged in to Spotify with Facebook, could see what my friends were playing, everything was working fine. Yesterday, my friends just disappeared from the right bar. List of fictional 'sample' friends showed up instead: Julia Eger listening to Jose Gonzalez, Ben Khan listening to One Direction etc. Click on 'Find friends' -> 0 friends found. Tried logging out, reinstalling Spotify, clearing cache, removing Spotify from Facebook apps and so on - it didn't help, when I log in with Facebook, the right bar doesn't seem to care.

What I did then was log out and back in, this time with e-mail adress and password, no Facebook connection. Click on 'Find friends', then on 'Connect to Facebook' blue button - nothing happens. Click, click, the button darkens a bit (so, reacts properly), but other than that - no effect.

This had happened to me once before - I fixed it somehow, doing what I described previously, logging out, removing Spotify from Facebook applications and stuff, but I can't remember what exactly I did, and can't recreate it.

Thanks for any help.

EDIT: I logged in to Android application. Now I can see my friends on PC when I go to 'Find friends', yet the friend feed is still dead, with those made up names. Is this just because none of my actual friends has used Spotify recently?

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Hey @Yngvard, welcome to the Community!


Does it help if you go into your Facebook apps > Spotify > check "Friend list". This lets Spotify see your friend list and should help with the issue you're having.


Once you change that setting, log out and back into Spotify to see how it goes.


Keep us posted 🙂

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Hey, thanks for reply. I started a thread with a shorter description here:

I took a look at the Facebook apps settings, they're okay (default, with everything checked on).