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Spotify charged my card but didn't give me access to premium

Spotify charged my card but didn't give me access to premium

i tried to sign up for premium and they charged my card the $4.99 but didnt give me it. all i want is to get in contact with spotify and get the charge canceled, but it seems imposible. does anyone know how to do this?

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Hi, and welcome to the community!


Please note it can take some time for a premium subscription to activate across all devices.

1) Have you checked your Subscriptions page to make sure you are successfully premium?
2) Try logging out/in and reinstalling Spotify.
3) Make sure you're logging in with the right account; it's very easy to have both facebook and Spotify details!


If it says you're on free and you were still charged, it's likely you're logging in with the wrong account details.

What platform are you trying to log in on?

Are you subscribing to premium using a student discount, or did you somehow manage to subscribe to unlimited?



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Same here this just happen to mw !!!!

Hey there @suttonbeckwith and @malv07137, welcome to the community!


Sounds like you guys didn't complete the verification process all the way. That charge should clear within 1-3 days, possibly it may take a week, but it definitely should clear. If it doesn't clear within a week shoot me a message. To get the student discount, verify your eligibility manually at If you run into any further issues, let me know!

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I'm having the same problem, except I never relieved an email receipt, but double checked the email address multiple times. spotify still charged my account however.

I just tried contacting them over twitter

I was charged $5.40, and don't even have premium.

me too! 😞

This happened to me today i tried to sign up with the student discount and it couldn't verify my information but Spotify still charged my card and didn't give me access to premium!!!!!!! So how will I get my money back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey spotify charged me 4.99CAD on my card but I didn't get premium. I just want my money refunded and I don't want them to keep taking money from my card every month. I am still currently on the free spotify. I didn't even complete the process of getting premium and it charged me even though it says it won't charge you until it is verified that I am using premium. Which I am not. How can I get my money refunded?

Hi. This happened to me too right now. I checked my bank account and I was charged too to student discount but it couldn't verify. Thanks for your help in advance.

I signed up for the $0.99 for 3 month subscription and Spotify charged me $9.99

When does it give me thee money back

It took about a week or two but i got refunded

3 times i was trying to go student premium but failed and 3 times the charges and didn't get my money back

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