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Spotify connect - Bluesound

Spotify connect - Bluesound



I've got a Premium Family account.

My account (master) will no longer start Spotify connect on my Bluesound Vault. Sometimes the Vault is listes in the devices menu, Sometimes not. 

But mye family-account works. I have tried both accounts on my iPhone and my iPad, the family-account works on both units, the master-account doesn't work on neither of them.

The master-account did function as it should just a few days ago. 


What might be the problem?


I have turned power on and off on iPad, router and Vault. Logget out an reinnstalled Spotify and BluOs. Software is updated.



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Hi holmium, 


I think I have experienced a similar issue with Spotify on my Bluesound Players. If you have a Spotify Family account, it appears only one account at a time can be connected to a Player. In other words, if my wife is connected to Spotify using her account, she will need to disconnect her Spotify account from all Players before I can connect and start listening to my own Spotify account. I believe this is a limitation of Spotify and how it authenticates account permissions on Connect players like Bluesound. 


Check out this article on and maybe you'll get lucky and fix the issue you are experiencing. 



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