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So before starting I must say, all apps are up to date, tv and mobile. Already uninstalled and reinstalled app. Already rebooted tv and app, all i saw over various sites of help issues tried, problem persists.

This used to work fine, but did a factory reset to the tv cause was full of sh...and now spotify connect doenst connect to tv. Cant even log on account through it, must insert user and pass or pin, not through spotify connect.


So if I'm listening and ps4 is on...I can connect to it no problem and cycle through mobile and ps4 just fine

TV, if I'm listening on tv, I can control it through mobile fine as usual. I can even select listen on phone and it changes.


The only stuff that doesnt work, is connecting from mobile to tv. TV appears on devices, I click on tv device, appears the word connecting and simply doesn't. Same story as logging the tv app, couldn't log cause simply appeared connecting and nothing. If I'm listening in phone and click on a song on the tv he even shows in mobile app I switched to tv, but switching on mobile app to tv...simply doesn't connect! It used to open the tv app when I switched, now...connecting and nothing happens. If both apps are opened and on tv device...connecting and it doesn't. 

Driving me crazy! Any help would be appreciated. Thx

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Hello...any help on this issue?!

Hey there @b3kr!


Thanks for reaching out to us and sorry for the delay.


Can you start off restarting your router and making sure that both your phone and TV are on the same network?


Another thing you can try is using a different network to see if that would make any difference. You could create a hotspot on your phone and use that network for example.


If that doesn't help, could you let us know your exact Spotify version and your TV's model? A screenshot of what you see on your phone when trying to connect would also help us a lot.


We'll be on the lookout for your update. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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Thanks for the reply.
I've annexed the screenshots of the problem.
Unfortunately, I cant use tethering in TV, cause for some reason, the tv
doesn't detect the mobile hotspot of the phone. It detects my router which
is a mobile hotspot device, but not tethering from mobile phone.

As u can see, if I'm using the mobile app, he detects the tv, if I connect,
just keeps connecting.
If i start listening on TV, he gives the warning if I want to continue
listening on TV app as he detects I started listening on it.

And u can also see, appears listening on LGTV and the webOS is
detected In separately.
As I said in my post, in PS4 no problem and this used to work fine with the

Spotify Tv version: 2.48.7-3b772f5 3.23.0
Spotify mobile version:

Tv: [LG] webOS TV UK6200PLA
Tv software version: 05.10.45

Everything is up to date. Already restarted router etc.

Hey @b3kr!


Thanks for all the info. Could you just try sending your screenshot again as it's not showing up on our end?


Is it possible to ask one of your relatives or friends to log in their Spotify account on the TV and try using Connect like that? 


This will help us locate what exactly is causing the issue here.


We'll also need to know if you experience the same thing when using a different device to connect to the TV than your phone.


We appreciate your cooperation. Keep us in the loop.

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Im currently In isolation due to covid-19, nobody leaves there houses.
Got no problem connecting or using the tv with other apps whatsoever. Also, due to isolation, I'm currently not able to try other phones, other routers, nothin.
Sent the screenshots again annexed to this reply. I think the problem lies in the app detecting the tv has LGTV and also has webOSetc...has u will notice on the screenshots

More screens


Problem solved after android 10 update on Samsung and Spotify app update. Think TV app also updated cause menus are all different.

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