Spotify did something with premium!!

Spotify did something with premium!!

Well, I bought a giftgard from store. And i activated (u know, bad english) it. And i choosed Spotify Premium for month. Everything was wonderfull. But now, when i was sing up on my device, Spotify says than i have to buy premium. I HAVE THAT ALREADY. And i going to my computer and Spotify Premium - text changed to Spotify. I got windows what says than i have now spotify free. Then my 10 hour listening limit is going to 0 minutes.... I wasn't listening everything without Premium. What the f****** is going on???

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From looking at our system I can see that you have inadvertently created a second account through Facebook and this is the account that holds the Premium subscription.


Don't worry, we can help sort this out for you. Please get in touch using our online form. Once this is done, reply to this thread with the case # and we'll get our toolkit ready to do some fixing.


For Twitter support, find us at @SpotifyCares.

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