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Spotify did withdraw money from card.

Spotify did withdraw money from card.

I did try create student account premium, 2 times. After I did detect, Spotify did withdraw 7.11 TL 2 times. Total 14.22 TL did Withdraw. I didn't cant create student account and I dont want student account. I using 30 day try version. I want pay back. Thanks. Capture+_2018-01-04-00-46-14.png


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Hello @0a85fptq506kwmi I hope you're well

I am a little confused about the issue at hand. So you've applied for student discount on a premium account and its withdrawn from your account twice because you've set up the account twice, are you no longer interested in your premium membership?


If you have accidentally signed up via the wrong page, you don't have to worry, if you are eligable, The discount will be applied on the next renewal date, which is in your subscription status. Because you have been charged twice, as long as you have signed up twice (using the same email and credentials, ie the same account) then you simply won't be charged the following month. 


Look forward to hearing from you,


Carl 🙂

No no no. I didnt create any premium account. I did write my credit card numbers after click next. System did ask ' What name is your universt name ?  " after I did exit. I did this 2 time. I haven't account now. 

Unfortunately I am unable to take this issue any further if you would like to be refunded and are not interested in continuing your subscription with Spotify. If you follow the link below, you can chat with Spotify staff directly:


all the best in 2018!


Carl 🙂

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