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Spotify doesn't recognize I have premium.


Spotify doesn't recognize I have premium.

I just purchased premium earlier this week but I am having trouble syncing all my playlist on my Ipod. only some of my playlist are showing up on my ipod and for the ones that do show up, most of them are missing a lot of songs that  I have recently added to them. I've tried logging in and out and that doesn't work, and when I try to make a playlist available offline from my computer it says that I need a premium account to be able to do that, but I do have one.

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Tried the clean reinstallation, nothing happened. My android still won't stream music.  I've tried the contact form as well. Growing extremely impatient.

I have tried multiple reinstallations and sent in a contact form. Still the same problem.

Thanks for filling out the contact form. In order for our payments team to get you the fastest help possible they'll just need to confirm some details via email. 


One of our agents will be in touch with you shortly. 

I am having the same issue. I can see that I have premium on my macBook, but not on my Iphone. HELP

So I heard back from customer service - what a bunch of crap their best advice was to do a clean reinstall of app. Of course I think most of us here have already done that - make that clear in your contact form so they don't waste your time. They also want a screen shot? What is that? Anyone know? It appears they want to see a premium box on the top of the app? What do they not understand - the question here is that there is no premium!

A screen shot can be taken of your screen by pressing "Print Screen" on your keyboard. This saves an image of your screen. You'll then need to open an image editing program, such as 'Paint' in Windows, and paste (CTRL+V) the image in there. Then, save that image, and attatch it to the next email you send them.


I have no idea why in the world they need a screenshot -- it's not like our problem can be made any clearer with a picture.


It's simple, our accounts show that we have Premium membership, but in the actual applications, it does not; it's not like this is a new problem for them -- I see the forums littered (and, rightly so)  with threads like this.

Well I have been having a back and forth with Spotify support and they have no idea what is wrong from what I can tell.


The following things are what they asked me to try:


- Log in and logout

- They asked me to check I was using my e-mail address as facebook can sometimes mix them up

- They then asked me to change my facebook password and then log back in


After I tried all of these and still have no premium features, I was apologised to and then told they are investigating to find out what the problem is...  I mean how long has Spotify been around?  You'd think they would have something as simple as paying for their service and it working down...

This is just stupid, purchased premium this morning so that I can listen to it while being on the boat but now it wont work -.-


Really, a feature like this should not be so hard to fix!

Hey there!


I see there is more and more questions like this.


The problem is, once again, in Spotify Servers. Your status will be updated to Premium as soon as possible.


Sometimes Premium will show instatly, but in some cases you'll need to wait 1-24 hours.


I hope you enjoy Spotify very soon!

i purchaed spotify in stead of hiring a DJ for my wedding today. I need this to be fixed asap, and if its not fixed by this afternoon, i want a refund! this is a joke! use to have spotify premium and it was awesome! this is a huge let down since I have been with spotify since it was first available in the US.

Hi Meredith,

I'm afraid that I'm having the same problem. =( 

I did just sign up for it yesterday - have done a reinstall but it doesn't seem to be upgrading on my macbook or I need to just wait for the servers to update or something? Maybe i'm just being impatient? Lol. Thanks for your help!

I have the same problem.

Same problem. This is a joke

Seriously... I want my premium!

Same problem here. Spotify doesn't recognize my new premium account. When i login on the website it says that i do have a premium account (weird). On my iPad, android and sonos there is still the message that i need a premium. 


Please help me! Thx



Yup having the same problem here, have emailed about it so hopefully will be resolved. I'm on Windows 7 and Android operating systems.

@JoakimBjornande wrote:

Seriously... I want my premium!

If you feel uncool with this thing servers are without any notification to Spotify very slow and unable to handle all those updates, you can ask for a gift, just use Contact form. They have surprise for you.

I'm having the same issue today. Has anyone figured this out?

Hi everyone - Users yesterday experienced a delay in their upgrade earlier. We're truly sorry for the inconvenience.


The good news is things should all be back to normal. If you're still not receiving Premium after a quick sign out/ sign let me know.

After the previous post I checked my subscription and it is now working on both my android and the desktop application.  Whatever was going on seems to have been fixed.

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