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Spotify doesn't think I'm in the USA

Spotify doesn't think I'm in the USA

I'm trying to get a friend set up with Spotify, but when I go to create an account, it tells me that Spotify is not available in my country. When I scroll down, it shows that I'm "International." Double checked to see if something was screwy with my IP address but all the IP location web sites show the correct location.


What is going on? I'm able to play music from this IP address on Spotify using my account.

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You don't create Spotify accounts anymore, just download Spotify to your friend's computer and log in with his Facebook account.


The "not available in your country" is certainly a problem on Spotify's end, I'm seeing it too here in Finland (Spotify is available here). Logging in made it disappear for me.

They don't have a facebook account and really don't want one. Sounds like Spotify is having some issues if it won't let me sign up.

Facebook is required to sign up for Spotify now.


If you are logging in without Facebook, it's because you signed up before September 22nd 2011 when Facebook became a requirement.


If the website starts working at some point, you can see it for yourself: the sign up page just tells you that you must have Facebook.

I'm getting the same error message, both on my desktop and mobile internet browsers.  I'm in Los Angeles, CA, but it tells me that Spotify is not available in my country.  Funny, now that I have finally decided to give Spotify Premium a try it doesn't want my money!

Siis miten tuo ratkaistiin. Minua Spotify haluaa pitää amerikkalaisena koska käytin Spotyfita ensimmäistä kertaa kännykälläni USAssa ja nyt laaite hyytyy kun yritän Suomessa Spotifyhin. Ei auta mitkään asennusten poistamiset ja tietojen poistaminen. Kun näitten toimenpiteiden jälkeen taas asennan Spotyn niin samat ongelmat toistuu eli Spotyfy on mykkä

Google translation from previous comment 🙂


So how was that resolved. Spotify wants to keep me as an American because I used Spotify on my mobile phone for the first time in the USA and now the device freezes when I start Spotify in Finland. It doesn't help to uninstall or delete data. These things intervened again when install, Spotify repeated the same problems, or just Spotify is dumb.

(Sorry if I made any mistakes)

Um, that post was made a year ago 🙂

Yeah, the reaction from the last post was made one year later as well. But anyway  it seems to me weird reply in Finnish, so I had to translate it to keep the conversation objective 🙂

Could you try updating the country on your profile on your account page

No luck? Don't worry, just get in touch using our online form and one of our advisors will help change this over for you. If you receive an autoresponse, just send an email directly in reply and someone will be in touch shortly.


For Twitter support, find us at @SpotifyCares.

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