Spotify doesn't work


Spotify doesn't work

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Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

My spotify stopped working a while ago and i can't seem to do anything about it.

Things i've tried already:

1. Uninstalled spotify completely and downloaded it again: Didn't work

(Several times)

2. Installed windows store version of spotify: Didn't work

3. I've logged in and out several times: Didn't work


I had alot of music in my playlists and i didn't delete ANY of them.

(In total over 1,000+ songs)

 So the music won't play anywhere on spotify.

Even if i search for a song and click "Play" it doesn't seem to play it.


Weird thing here is that spotify works normally on my phone but not on my laptop.

The playlists have the songs in them and they all work just fine. But on my laptop spotify doesn't work at all.


I have no clue how this happened, i have done nothing wrong.

Please help!


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Re: Spotify doesn't work

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You should try changing the streaming quality.

If that doesn't work, try updating your drivers.

I hope this will fix it, do let me know of any progress!

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Re: Spotify doesn't work


Hi i have the same error and i find a solution, the cause of that is the latest spotify version so i recomend you unistall your current version and install an old version like ''Spotify.'' let me now if this solves your problem ^^

Re: Spotify doesn't work

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Worked! Thank you so much! :) <333