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Spotify family account - previously shared a spotify premium

Spotify family account - previously shared a spotify premium


Premium Family




Samsung S8

Operating System



My Question or Issue

Hi.  I used to share a spotify premium account with my son (one listener at a time, two devices). I've created a Premium Family account, so both my children and myself can listen to music at the same time.  But when my son tries to log on via the link from email he gets a message saying that he's the "owner" of the account, and should send an invite to others.  I've tried uninstalling spotify, including removing cache before uninstall, but still no go...  Any ideas ? 



3 Replies

Hi there @skotvoma,

thanks for reaching out !


It is possible that you've upgraded your son's account to the Premium Family.

In order to check it, please make sure to log in to the account overview page here and view the current account status.


However, if you're unsure which account are in, you can use this help page to locate all of your family's account by mail search.


Hope this helps.

Let me know how it goes 🙂


But no, not working, unfortunately.  Both my son and I are still logged in on the old premium account that we used to share.  He can't use the link for family account, and we're still sharing "one person listening at all times".. 



Hi @skotvoma,


What process have you done to try and invite your son to the plan ?


It's important to mention that on this type of plan, each members must have their own private account which needs to be invited by the owner.


Could you tell me what's the reason behind them not being able to accept the invitation ?


Thanks 🙂

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