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Spotify family cancel failed

Spotify family cancel failed

Hi guys!


I have recently a problem with update my payment details. I have premium for years including one family member total paying 8.99€ per month. 

Now i canceled a family member due to not using it and I want to keep my premium (5.99€). On the website all family slots are empty which seems correct. However Spotify still asks for 8.99€ to pay. 

Anyway i tried to pay and ask deal with it later but the payment metod fail always. I use correct (the same) credit card. I am sure the problem is not on my side. 


I will be happy for any advice. 


Ps: does anyone have direct email contact to spotify? 


Thank you



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Hey @Vilem, welcome to the Community!


We'd recommend making sure that you card meets these requirements and try again using a different web browser, an incognito window, and deleting cache/cookies. If the issue still exists, just get in touch with them us this contact form, on Twitter with the @SpotifyCares handle, or on our Facebook page.


We'll be happy to help you sort this out.

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