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Spotify family stopped working

Spotify family stopped working

My dad made the four of his sons all premium with a Family Plan. He was charged to his credit card but 3 days after it stopped working. This wasn't from a minute to another. He wast charged on tuesday and until thursday everything was fine. On friday before lunch I still had Premium in my android but my playlists were no longer downloaded nor downloadable. On friday afternoon all family accounts were Spotify Free, leaving us all the weekend and this week with no music. I haven't recieved an answer from Spotify support after I've sent 5 e-mails. I like Spotify and this is the first period we were going to be all premium, but my dad is likely to go back to Deezer (we convinced to opt out of Deezer and join Spotify last monday) so it's kinda urgent since I'm left with no music if he goes back (No family plans on Deezer).


I've logged out of every platform as well as my dad, reinstalled spotify everywhere and checked for multiple accounts. Everything is fine, with the exception that he was charged a 5 member family for 3 days of premium. We need a solution. ASAP. Thank you.


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Hi mjvergarap! Sorry to hear you've run into this spot of trouble. When you contacted Spotify, did you do so through this contact form, and did you get a confirmation email back that contained a six-digit case number and most likely a generic message directing you to this forums? If so, perfect. If not, how did you go about contacting support, exactly?


Assuming you did use that form, when you sent those additional emails, did you do so through the contact form again, or did you reply back directly to that initial email you received from support? If you sent new emails through the form, then please go back to the first email you received from support (the one with the case number) and reply back directly to that email. That should get you a response from support within 24-48 hours.


If the five emails you did send were all sent as replies to that support email, how long has it been since you sent those emails? If it's been less than 48 hours than I would recommend waiting a little bit longer; support receives a high volume of emails and they work as fast as they can. If it has been more than 48 hours with no reply, then I would recommend reaching out to @SpotifyCares on twitter or messaging support on Facebook. Again, please allow them 48 hours to respond, and if you still haven't heard anything by then, please reach out to me and I'll get this escalated properly. 


I hope that was clear, if I didn't explain a step well enough or you have further questions please don't hesitate to let me know!

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