Spotify has charged me every month without me knowing

Spotify has charged me every month without me knowing


Spotify keeps charging me every single month and I didn't know about it, I need someone from your support system to contact me at [email address removed] your customer service is Bulls***, if it works only like this, you guys don't have a darn number to call. I want my money back.

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Firstly, Cancel future charges using: this link for Instructions:
(This will put your account down to Free and Billing will be stopped!)

If you think your elgible for a refund, please reach out to support and include this post link using these contact methords and they'll assist with refund requests/inquires 🙂


Spotify Support
Contact Spotify (via Email):
Twitter: - Drop a DM 🙂

Important if your emailing:
If you get an automated reply email telling you to check the Community, Please do drop a reply so this will get queued for a agent to see!


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