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Spotify help is non existent!

Spotify help is non existent!

I have tried to sign up family members to Spotify however, despite accepting my CC details this morning this evening it tells me the same card is not registered in the same country ( havent left the house **bleep**wits). 


But this doesnt bother me what **bleep**s me off is that they have no help facility outside of FAQ, seriously no help at all.  SO guess what I cancel my subscription and tell everyone I know to write Spotify off as illegal and probably highly illegal.


Well done spotify the least professional website I have encountered

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


There is nothing illegal about Spotify, they offer the help pages as a quick solution, the community support forums and you can get in touch with the Spotify team directly to open a support case if you need using the online contact form



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