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Spotify in Ukraine


Spotify in Ukraine


I have been waiting for the magic e-mail notifying launch in Ukraine for like a year or more. I would gladly use something else but Spotify is the best imo even though all the hype is long gone. Is there still hope or you already forgot about Ukraine?


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Hey everyone!


Spotify recently launched in Ukraine, and now the Spotify mobile app and web player have language support for Ukrainian.


You can read more info in this news article here:

Spotify Is Rolling Out 36 New Languages on Mobile

MattSudaSpotify Star
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70 Replies

Hey @Mirdor

Thanks for posting and welcome to the Spotify community 🙂

We don't have any info on this right now but we'll let our teams know it's something you'd like to see.

However, we're launching in new countries as often as possible. Make sure to add your email at

Hopefully we'll be with you very soon!

Which criteria Spotify use to decide whether launch or not in new country? 

Maybe we can help to fix some 😉

2016 - still no Spotify for Ukraine
even Netflix started to work in our country


its really sad



I agree, we need Spotify in our country!



I am Ukrainian and would love to be able to use Spotify here. On top of that, I would gladly pay for Spotify Premium on a regular basis. And I know at least a few people who feel the same way. 


Is there any way to find out wheher Spotify does any steps towards entering Ukrainian market? 

i agree with u. It's best of all music streaming services and i dreaming about using it in Ukraine. Is there some news when we could start use your service? 🙂 


Somewhere at your forum about adding new features i read that for reviewing of request it need to be 50 kudos ? is it true? ot it relates only adding new features?

Hello Spotify team!
Waiting for Spotify in Ukraine for a long time! We already have the google music but Spotify is really better!

We need Spotify access in Ukraine! You can't just ignore a part of your audience. If you think there are not enough people to start this service in Ukraine - you are wrong. All these people are using proxy settings to have access to Spotify. It's so sad that thousands of people are waiting for access for years! If you are not just ignorant, you should make something with this, shouldn't you? Hope for your attention and thanks for understanding

Bring Spotify to Ukraine. You lose money.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 12.53.47 PM.png

Please bring Spotify to Ukraine, i have a lot of friends who wish to use both desktop and mobile versions. And most of them would like to go premium.

Let us know if there's something we can do to make this happen.

It's too late. While you've been waiting for something Apple has totally conquered the market. Please, don't waste your time here.

i join all the above. also wanna have spotify premium there, in ukraine 😞

It's 2017, and still no Spotify in Ukraine 😞

During a last few years Elon Musk released a few models of Tesla, successfully landed back a rocket from space, make a huge progress in hyperloop...meanwhile Spotify can't bring a service to the country with 40 millon of people! 

Hello Jason!

I've tried a lot of music apps, and after using Spotify i can say, with confidence, that Spotify is the best app. We all wish to have it here in Ukraine, maybe you should contact with our mobile network providers? Such as Kiyvstar and Vodafone?

Maybe there's a way to bring such service to our homeland. Please let us know, we'll do our best to help.

Best regards,
Anton Skochko

Go go go Spotify in Ukraine! I'm tired of waiting for you in Ukraine. Plz welcome in Ukraine.

Народ,поки тут не буде пару тисяч "лайків і репостів", дописувань і звернень, справа не зрушится

I've tried several music apps like Google Play Music, Yandex Music or Deeze. And Spotify always wins. Also I found there is a lot of Ukrainian bands and singers in Spotify. But I must use Google Play Music on my smartphone becasue Spotify still does not work in Ukraine... :((( Why?
Spotify, we really want you come into Ukraine!


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