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Spotify in Ukraine


Spotify in Ukraine


I have been waiting for the magic e-mail notifying launch in Ukraine for like a year or more. I would gladly use something else but Spotify is the best imo even though all the hype is long gone. Is there still hope or you already forgot about Ukraine?

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Give me a legal way to listen to the music via Spotify. Launch it in Ukraine!!!

Would be great to see Spotify in Ukraine!

We need Spotify in Ukraine!

Come on guys, do it for finally, thouthands of people is waiting.

C'on! There is already google music and apple music in ukraine, but thouthands of people want to use spotify! I waiting for 7 years! SEVER YEARS, CHARLS!



Please add Ukraine to spotify regions. There are a lot of people ready to pay premium using. Waiting for several years for it.

Spotify, just do it

+1 for Ukraine

Spotify for Ukraine!! 

I've been using Spotify for half a year now, and I like it very much! I'm in love with suggestions, especially "discover weekly" but its a pain in the **bleep** to use VPN to get to use your service! Also the thing that there is no local chats like "Top 50" is so frustrating. And the thing that I can't buy premium to listen to music offline is also very sad. So please Spotify, PLEASE launch your service in Ukraine. Until then, I'm moving to apple music.

Hi all!

Spotify's got a dedicated team working to bring Spotify to new countries, but it's a complicated process and often takes a while! Make sure that you've signed up for updates to never miss the news on expansions, and that you're keeping an eye out in your inbox!




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Hey everyone!


Spotify recently launched in Ukraine, and now the Spotify mobile app and web player have language support for Ukrainian.


You can read more info in this news article here:

Spotify Is Rolling Out 36 New Languages on Mobile

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