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Spotify is experiencing technical difficulties

Spotify is experiencing technical difficulties

It would be really cool if Spotify would have an easy to find technical issues notification. Seems like lots of people are having a similar issue as I am today:

All my songs have disappeared and/or "oooops, something went wrong" pops up when clicking on "Songs"

It is probably a glitch at Spotify, but it would be nice to be notified on the web-site rather than searching around for a solution.

Already tried "sign out everywhere" and recover playlist is empty.

Just going to listen to KEXP in the meantime.

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As expected, I went away for an hour and everything is back to normal. Had nothing to do with my system or account.

Hi @sandmanbc71, welcome to our Spotify Community!



It's great to hear everything if under control now. Let us know if you have more issues.


Have a nice day 🙂

Good thing I didn't go through the trouble of renistalling, as was suggested. I use the web-player anyway. And I only have 1 account and no one else uses my computer. Seems like a Spotify issue today since others are reporting the same problem.

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