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Spotify is not Connecting - VPN

Spotify is not Connecting - VPN




I Have been using Spotify since april last year during my work, I´m located on MExico but have tu use a VPN for USA conection. At the beggining I was a free user until December laste year, I decided to try the Premium offer for 3 months, after I accept the offer I cannot logged on spotify again and show me the error on the image. I was able to download music to my Laptop while I was off the VPN so durint that time it was not that bad, my Premium period has ended and I decided not to continue becuase I'm not able to get conected on the application, I thought that returning to free will fix teh issue but remains the same problema.


Can you please let me know what can I do to solve the problem?

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Hi @KingLuzbel


Thanks for your post. Just to clarify... you have been previously using Spotify with a VPN for America (and you are based in Mexico), however, when you signed up to Spotify Premium, Spotify no longer works on your desktop?

Correct, I was using Spotify free since April 2016 with a VPN for USA and I
live in Mexico, on December start my Premium Period and then Spotify start
not recgnizing the internet connection while the VPN is on. My Premium
period end on 03/10/2017 and I did not renew my Premium service. Now that I
try to use Spotify free again, the app still not recognize the connection
while the VPN is on.

Ah I think I see what the issue is here. Basically when you signed up for the three month period of premium you would have been required to enter some card details. I take it your card is registered to a bank or an address in Mexico. Therefore, your Spotify account identifies itself as a Mexican one rather than an American one which your Wi-Fi is connected to. If you want to continute using VPN with Spotify then you'll need to go onto your Spotify account online to your account details and change it to 'USA'. 


In this example screenshotted from my account you can see where to change this.


Let me know how that goes! 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 19.35.04.png

Thank you for the comments , I have updated my country as USA but I´m still unable to connect while on the VPN 😞

Hi, please try and completely disable your windows firewall, and also check that the VPN allows access on all ports

Hello @KingLuzbel

Did you manage to solve this problem?

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