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Spotify is p[laying up. PLEASE HELP

Spotify is p[laying up. PLEASE HELP

I have my account synced with my facebook account and I used my credit card details to try the 30 day free premium trial. I even got my reciept emailed to my email address. 

But when i logged out and then logged back in, aall my playlists were gone, people i follw disappeared, and my account was no longer premium. But I have my reciept. 

I even 'followed' my account that had premium from another account and then when i switched back it said i had no followers. 


So now im worried that i wont be able to log back in to the account that has premium and it will continue to charge my account. What is happening?! PLEASE HELP

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I have left a reply with some steps to try over on your other post. 😉

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