Spotify keeps charging me too for a monthly subscription!


Spotify keeps charging me too for a monthly subscription!

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I got the automatic reply from the contact form, which by the way is very vague, I am not sure if a human being will ever look at my case ore not. But I think not as it says that you are "sure" that I can get help through other channels.


It's the second time you draw money from me now since I switched to a free account. 😞


This is the title of the mail reply I got:

Spotify ärende # 00916817: Account questions ref:_00DD0pxIW._500D0UsYap:ref


I hope someone can help me out here? I saw that another user in the same situation hopefully got some help through this message board.



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Hi. Please reply to the automated response and one of the payment team will get back to you. If you haven't heard within 48 hours, post again and I'll chase your case up for you.

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I did as I saw your other response, but it was to a address, so I don't know if someone reads it. But I'll do as you say, and get back in 48 if nothing has happened.


@user-removed - your case is in the right queue so you should get a response back (in Swedish) really soon.


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