Spotify keeps skipping to certain playlist.

Spotify keeps skipping to certain playlist.


I am having some trouble (almost drives me crazy) with my Spotify account. I use Spotify in my mobile phone and the ps4 app. Whenever I listen to a song it skips after couple of seconds and sometimes minutes to a certain playlist “massage therapy music”. A playlist that I haven’t been listening before. The songs in the playlist also randomly skip after a couple seconds. Whenever I cange back to my own playlist, the songs skip after 10/15 seconds, and after 3 or 4 songs it goes back to the massage music. 


It doesn’t matter which playlist I am listening to, it always changes back to the massage therapy music. 


And the things that freaks me out the most is that whenever I have Spotify on pause (doesn’t matter which song or playlist) It suddenly starts playing the massage music as well and pops up on my screen. This has brought me to some awkward situations since the album cover is a naked woman. 


Things that I have tried to fix the ploblem:

- deleted Spotify app on phone and ps4

- logged out on all devices

- changed my password

- deleted playlists

- deleted the “massage therapy music” album in “recently played”

- auto play is off

- checked whether shuffle is on, it isn’t 

- checked whether the massage music is in my queue list, but it isn’t.


Can someone help me before I am going insane? The music is killing me. 



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I've had the same problem! Please help.

This is happening to me too.I'm on the free period for Spotify..........will i pay for this every month? NO WAY. Spotify please fix this problem.

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