Spotify kids - why does it have to be a pain to login - reset password

Spotify kids - why does it have to be a pain to login - reset password








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why is it so hard to login for Spotify kids? The email link that I get is forwarded to my kids phone over AirDrop. Once opened ibarrien their device, it tells me that I should reset my password. I’m not fond of the idea resetting a password for a account connected over FB.


I have tried everything from installing Spotify on the device (and login) just to make it work but even that seems to be impossible. Logging in over the browser doesn’t help either.


Seriously , there must be a better plan for this or step by step help. 

Also this board sucks as well, trying to post over the phone gives me an spam alert. Congratulations you’ve also made your support forum a mess!


This is not flooding! I’m only trying to post ONE f*********** message.

I see no highlighted errors!

Frustrate the frustrated, is that the new thing?

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Hey @dffghdhj ,


Thanks for reaching out.


Right now, the Spotify Kids app doesn't support Login via Facebook. One way around this is for you, as the plan manager, to login using an email and a password in the Spotify Kids app so that you can set up accounts for your children.


You can reset your password here using the email connected to your Facebook account. Afterward, you can continue logging in via the Facebook button in the regular Spotify app.


Alternatively, you can tap on LOG IN WITHOUT PASSWORD, which will send a link to your email address with which you can then log in. You should open the link on the device where the Kids app is installed.


You can check out this support article for more info on Spotify Kids.


Hope this helps 🙂

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