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Spotify needs to contact me NOW!

Spotify needs to contact me NOW!

If you have time to update your stupid ass app, then why are you not emailing me? Like, I don't get it. I sent you out a message on the ninth of this month and today is the 13th. You need to find a better and reliable way of contacting your customers, because this is ridiculous and I'm fed up. You guys charged my darn card and I already had cancelled my subscription and I need a refund. What kind of company doesn't have a phone number especially one like this when you're dealing with people and their money. If you don't have a phone number you should at least get more/ better employees that can help customers right away when they e-mail you. This is really ridiculous and I'm really pissed that my money is not back on my card. Conatct me! 😊
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Hi there @Shawtyskins,

Did you already use the Contact form?


If not do so please and when you get a no-reply Email just reply to it to get directly to the support!



Yes I have, couple times actually. And I posted a message before and sent a reply to the automated message and its been over 48 hours and I still haven't got a reply. Im convinced they are ignoring me.



Maybe your Email Client put the Emails from the Spotify Support into the Spam folder. Please go there and check it and keep me up to date on that! 😉



Thank you. Only person on here to help me. Turns out they were in my spam messages.

My name is Justin Hughes, Not knowing I deactivated my Facebook account and it has screwed my premium Spotify account up!!! I have been trying to get back to it but I have been going through Hell everyday for the past 3 weeks and still No luck!!! Please help me for I even pay my payment directly out of my check account... Please help

Dear Mr/Ms,


I'm currently getting quite fed up with Spotify,

For months now I've been using Spotify Premium and 2 weeks ago I started getting an error: Username or password are incorrect.

So far I've tried everything:

- Reinstallation: didn't work.

- Trying to manually enter username and password: didn't work.

- Tried to reset password on facebook: worked, but still can't login to spotify.

- Tried to launch the spotify app via facebook (Music --> Launch any song, etc.)

- Tried to reset the password on the spotify website: didn't work.

- If I try to login via the spotify website I instantly get a redirect loop, which unables me to login. Even of the website. 

- And I've tried several other things.


In the past 2 weeks I've e-mailed spotify 4 times. 3 times filled in the contact form and 2 days ago I've tried e-mailing spotify directly.

Still, I haven't heard anything back from you. 


Is there another solution? I've read almost every solution in the spotify community and nothing worked. 

At the moment I'm seriously considering quitting spotify. And since I'm a huge fan (normally) I'd hate doing that. 


Please, can someone contact me back?


Kind Regards,


Jurgen van Dongen

User ID: 1236663980

E-mail: or (The last one is also the username to my account). 


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