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Spotify not available in my country

Spotify not available in my country

When I joined this "Spotify" community, I did that with one purpose. To have an unlimited access to all of my favorite artists that I listen to, to connect my account to Last.FM community, however, since I am living in Serbia, and since I'm not employed yet, then there is no way I can access to a “Spotify” Premium activity. Even those two weeks of free usage are gone too. I tried to activate my "Spotify" account, but no use, now I am getting an error code right when I try to log in. 


Classy move people, very classy, by the way: Since you are so precious about coming to Serbia and are thinking about it, just so you know, Google play music opened up shop here a long time ago, same goes for DEEZER as well, for a smaller price and an identical service. The cool thing is that I have better support and easier handling. However, hey, do not come here, it is full of ignorant and peasants and people that just use Google services.


Moreover, before people flame, I have every right to be angry. This is no way to treat your members. If you are not capable, and if the only thing you can do is making stupid excuses for not making your service available all over the world, as if Last.FM does or DEEZER then don't run your company! Maybe that's why musician artists are requesting to all of their discographies be removed from your service, because who is going to bother with a selfish company as if "Spotify" is when there are other good services to use, like Amazon, iTunes, Google play, DEEZER, AllMusic, Last.FM etc. I am really pissed off, and I am sick of idiotic excuses that this selfish company is pulling.

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Hey @Samson-91,


I'm really sorry to hear that you're having a bad time with Spotify at the moment. Please note that Free users can only have access to Spotify for 14 days while aboard. 


Unfortunately Spotify isn't available in Serbia yet. You can sign up here to find out when it will be launched but i do not have that information to hand. 



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Spotify is a huge business with a sizeable income. That excuse won't fly. It is just an excuse. But it's one I'm really tired of hearing. Plus, the one that gets into an emerging market first, or bundles with existing products, has the biggest chances of success. Deezer isn't half the size of Spotify and yet they came to Serbia & get bundled with either Orange or Vodafone or Telenor. But hey, if those potential customers are too good for Spotify, I'm sure Google or DEEZER or songs are all that happier to have them. 🙂 Signing just to wait for several years to service be available all over the world is quite pointless.

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