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Spotify on PS3 - dead end!

Spotify on PS3 - dead end!



Country - Poland


iPhone6s, MacBook Pro mid 2012, PS3



My Question or Issue

I have a rather complicated problem.

Well, I am trying to connect my Spotify account in  with PSN on Playstation3. However, PSN says that my Spotify account is already associated with another account. Because the problem can not be solved by Sony Helpdesk, I have two questions:
- is there a chance to disconnect all links with another app, from Spotify?
- is it possible to export all settings (preferences, playlists etc.) to another account on Spotify? Because if I can't connect my Spotify account with PSN (because it is theoretically connected to another account) then maybe I can set up a new Spotify account, to which I will transfer all settings, preferences etc.?
Thank you in advance for your help.

2 Replies

Hi there!!!


To sign out everywhere you go to your account settings and log out every where. If that does not work it might be due to the ps3 having outdated technology.  Sadly at this time you cannot link account sto my knowlage but you can find you rplaylists by searching for them from any account.

If it works mark as solution please

I really hope this helps

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After playing one album on my PS3 I go to look for a new album and there is no album art anywhere?

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