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Spotify on different song when I re-enter?

Spotify on different song when I re-enter?

So, I'll be playing Spotify music and it'll be on one song, and then I'll pause the song and close the app. When I re-enter the app hours later, it's on a different song, paused at a random moment. It's always the same album or playlist, just a different song. Is somebody in my account, or is this a bug?

Note: This is on my iPhone.

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Hey there! 


Thanks for bringing this up to our attention. It's possible that the cache info isn't being saved since you close Spotify right after you pause the song. It will take you to the last song it saved record of. Another possibility, is that you use Spotify from another device and that's why it changes. Let us know if you need anything else.


Keep on rocking 🙂 

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