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Spotify pausing the music

Spotify pausing the music


Premium Family 




Xiaomi MI A1, Acer Aspire E1-572

Operating System

Android 9, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

When I'm listening to music, spotify simply pauses the music, so I need to click on play to continue, and after a few seconds of playing, pauses again. I already have seen some posts on the community, among other things, and I did what was asked, so I already uninstalled, log out of all devices, log out and log in with the devices, the app does not have optimized battery usage even because the problem also happened on my computer, and in the end the problem continues to happen and I really can't use the app, so if someone can help me, I appreciate.


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Hey there @jvini,


Thank you for your post.


Can you confirm if you performed a clean reinstall of the app? This is different from a quick reinstall and could be helpful to get rid of any cached files that might be causing trouble. 


You can also follow the steps that's provided in this article to make sure there's no unauthorized activity on your account.


We also recommend that you have a look at this article on how to protect your account.


Let us know how everything works after you've followed the steps that's provided in the articles so that we can continue to assist you if you need us to. We're always one reply away.


Take care!

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I appreciate your response, but I did everything as you said, I had done it before, but the problem still continues. To complicate things even more, today i started using my new cell phone, the problem also happens, so i believe it has nothing to do with cache or something like that. With regard to the password, I recently changed it, besides I already logged out several times from all devices. And about the reinstallation I've also done it both on my computer and on my old cell phone and the problem continues. Could it be something directly related to my spotify account? Something like that?

Hi @jvini


Thanks for getting back in touch and letting us know that. 


We understand where you're coming from and we'll do our best to help you out.


No worries, in this case we'd recommend taking a look at this Spotify answer and following the steps you can find there. This will ensure that your account is secure and that you don't experience any of these interruptions. 


If you have any questions, just let us know.

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First of all, thanks for the help you are giving and apparently I am not having any more problems, but there is something strange, because there are some songs in the "recently played" tab that I have never heard or known, but how I changed my password several times during this week and I also logged out several times on all devices, I don't think anyone accessed my account, got my password, etc. by any chance, did you access my account for testing or something?

Hi there @jvini,


Thanks for the reply.


Glad to hear this are back to normal. Spotify will never ask for your password or access your account on any occasion. 


Regarding the songs in recently played - there is no way to clear those manually right now. You can head over to this Idea thread and add your +Vote if you'd like to see this feature in future updates.


Note that you might see songs that you didn't listen to on your account if it's logged on a home device like Google home or Amazon Alexa etc. where other family member might play music through it.


Don't hesitate to give us a shout if you have questions.

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