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Spotify premium and KPN

Spotify premium and KPN



I have Spotify premium subscribed via KPN (dutch mobile provider). I want to disconnect the premium service and re-enter a new activation code. But i cannot deactivate the premium. It directs me to KPN customer support and they direct me to spotify support.


Please help,

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Hey bsv266!


Thanks for reaching out to the Spotify Community, we're all here to help each other.


If your current subscription is through KPN, they are the only ones who can actually cancel your Premium subscription as they're managing it. Once they've canceled it and your account is back to Free, you can start a new subscription.


Just give us a shout if you need us again.

Hi there,


i have the same problem, i used to have a premium account, which i paid for. Now i just switched to kpn, so i should get my premium account through them. But when i use my activation code, it says that i already have a premium account. On the spotify page i tried to cancel my premium account and it seems that all goes well, but im not able to connect my kpn with my spotify.


can you plz help me? Im not getting any further this way.


thank you






Welcome to the Spotify Community, we're here to help you out 🙂


No worries! If you've already canceled your current subscription, you'll only need to wait for your account to go back to Free. Then, you can get in touch with KPN to activate your subscription.


Your account will remain Premium until the time you've paid for has run out. You can check when this is going to happen from here.


Don't hesitate to drop us a message if you need us again.


A few years ago I had a premium account, then I skipped over to KPN (and they give me that same premuim account).
Now I want to cancel KPN and go to another dutch internet provider. Ofcourse they will stop my premium account at spotify.

Do I understand it correct that I have to wait?
That first KPN wil stop my premium... and I have to wait because my account will skipe back to a free spotify account. And that I -after that- van start a new premium account directy by spotify itself (just like I had a few years ago)?

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