Spotify premium not longer active even though paid for

Spotify premium not longer active even though paid for

So i had spotify premium through my SPARK mobile provider, i had to renew my music pack this morning however since then my spotify premium has not been here. My account is now a free account again and it keeps asking me to upgrade to premium again. 

Spark has assured me that spotify premium is active and paid for with my account and that this is a problem on spotify's end. I have only ever had one spotify account and i dont understand why its not activating. I have paid for premium and i should have premium. 

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I'm currently having a similar problem:
I pay for my Premium Account through Apple iTunes, and I've received a receipt of payment for this month - however my account is still set to free... I've tried all the suggestions in this forum and the questionnaire, but haven't heard back from Spotify.
Can Spotify please help us out?

I have the same issue as well on my iphone.  I was using Spotify Premium for almost 2 years without any issues.  In Dec 2016, there was an Apple iOS update that reset my Spotify to Free account and now i cannot set it back to Premium.  Checked with a Spark store in an Auckland mall and they suggested resetting the complete Spotify account and trying again.  The account can only be reset by Spark and they couldn't do at the store, so call Spark customer service and don't know how to reset the Spotify account as well and recommended contacting Spotify directly, but there are no contact details for tech support on the Spotify website.  Going around in circles trying to troubleshoot with not much luck.  Help anyone !!!!

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