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Spotify premium student deal confusion

Spotify premium student deal confusion

I went to go and get spotify premium and i saw a cheaper deal which was the student discount but i didnt relize at the time that it was only for college students so i filled out my card information and i went to the part were it said fill out my name and school name so i put my high school and it said it wouldnt go threw and i relized it was only for college so i pressed more offers and went to get the 9.99 spotify premium deal and it said it wasnt working and i checked my card account and it charged me for the student premium which i didnt get and im frustrated because my money was taking but i wasnt given premium
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Hi there,


If you didn't receive an email receipt from Spotify for the student discount payment, it's likely a pending charge that will be returned to your account (around 2 days depending on your bank).

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