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Spotify problem!

Spotify problem!

I shared a song from my friends spotify account to my facebook from his computer yesterday, and now while he loggs nito his accout he current loggs into mine, and when i logg in to mine i come into his spotify account, what shall i do? it seems we shared account but (mine) come into his always and my playlists are gone and i only got his?!

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


It sounds like you have linked your Facebook account to your friends Spotify account. 

How do you and your friend normally sign into Spotify? Using a Spotify username and password or using Facebook? 


If either of you sign in using Spotify, then you will need to head over to your Preferences menu (Edit > Preferences) inside your desktop client and press the "Disconnect from Facebook" button. You should both be able to log in again after the accounts are seperated. 



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