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Spotify randomly playing song

Spotify randomly playing song


When I am listening to spotify (premium) on pc all is ok, except for when Spotify will either randomly just decide to play whatever music it wants to out of the blue when I haven't even touched it for like an hour, or even worse than that Spotify has now started doing this and also interupting songs and playlists with "Island Vibes" by "Dj Big Puppet" I have never once heard this song or heard the artist, I mean who even is Dj Big Puppet?? I listen to hip hop and funk and yet this annoying house track keeps pushing its way into my mixes, and now I also come to find that it is saved in my library???? If I had saved it in my library I would have had to go out of my way to do so considering the fact that this artist has 11k monthly listeners, I think I would have remembered saving or coming across this song.

I have seen similar issues on here that have had this problem but with "Drill Beats" 

Quite frankly this is just confusing and I don't know what the **bleep** is going on, I didn't know software could have an awkward hormonal phase...

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Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


We've made sure to report this to the right team, who will be looking into it.


In the meantime, make sure you check out this article and follow the steps outlined in it if you suspect that someone has gained access to your account.


Thanks! Stay awesome 🙂




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I am having the same issue with this same song. it keeps coming up in my libary as a saved song, which I keep un ticking but yea this is probably the 6th time I have had to untick it. This is creepy as all heck. 

Thank god I ain't the only one, I messaged spotify after it kept happening over and over again and we think that my account was hacked so we secured it, hasn't happened since, I'm pretty sure one of my passwords was in a data breach recently so that may have been how it happened, I suggest you change your password and maybe it'll fix it but I don't know it's super weird.

Hey @DjStankyLipz and @Sherleelee,


Thanks for getting in touch.


It sounds like an unauthorized person might be using your account. Let's hope not but just to be on the safe side, here's some help with what you can do to secure your account.


Hope it does the trick! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

Hello, (i'm french sorry for the english)

I've a problem with spotify premium on my both devices, i use PC windows and Android app when i listen music.

It happened a month ago maybe more, but at first i thought it was a Spotify bug that would be fixed by update or something like that but it still persists.
Problem : When i listen music (album, playlist, autoplay..), the song swap suddenly music for another that i've never listen before, but which is strange is that this is always for the same song. This problem happen regulary like more than twice per hours which is really boring because it remove all the waiting list or song and i've to restart where it stop, i can't listen a full album or playlist without interruption.

You must know that these two songs are automatically put in library when i've never asked them, so i delete them but they come back every time.
This problem can also occur when spotify is open on desk but i do not use it so it launches the song itself.
It can't be an autoplay song recommendation because i really don't listen this kind of music.

I share my account with my brother but he doesn't listen it too, and it isn't a swap devices problem because i keep the control of the music which is different when my brother take the lead on his phone because i know/see on which phone it is used.

Last thing i've connect spotify with google home there is a year, it work well, fathers can listen music in living room when they ask, but the problem is that appears only 2 months ago.
I really don't know where it comes from, today i've change the option autoplay but nothing change, i've also check if people got the same problem but no..

Is it possible for you to remove completly these two songs from my account like they never had existed or resolve the problem ?

"Hustle Hard" - Big Puppet

"Island Vibes" - DJ Big Puppet

Thanks you in advance,

Machala Clone.


I have the same problem with Island Vibes and it's also happening with another song called Hustle Hard by the Real Puppet Gang, Big Puppet. Maybe it has something to do with the artist names? No way it can be coincidence with both of the songs I have the problem with having an artist with Puppet in the name.

Well when my password was changed it stopped so I'm  guessing real puppet gang and DJ big puppet have paid somebody for fake song views because they have people's stolen data. (Might I add I can't see anybody willingly listening to island vibes or hustle hard which is an insult to hip hop as an art form) 

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


We've made sure to report this to the right team, who will be looking into it.


In the meantime, make sure you check out this article and follow the steps outlined in it if you suspect that someone has gained access to your account.


Thanks! Stay awesome 🙂




This literally just happened to me (and has happened to me multiple times before). This is NOT okay, and I'm not sure if Spotify is responsible for this mistake or if Big DJ puppet is some kind of scam, but I am not happy. I was in the middle of listening to country music when MID-SONG, Island Vibes starts playing. See screenshot for corroboration. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 1.27.58 PM.png

Hi there. New community poster.

I would just like to say that I am receiving this same problem for both "Island Vibes" by DJ Big Puppet and "Hustle Hard" by The Real Puppet Gang. I might be grabbing at straws, but I find it highly suspicious that artists involve the name, "puppet." However, this could just be speculation. But still, I have responded by changing my password and I hope this situation while be resolved.

Additionally, I found another case in my recent feed for the song "Gold Status" by Phuketian. Like the previous two, I never knew of this song before, but it somehow was saved and interrupted my current music feed. Additionally, what is a strange aspect to note is that all three artists that presented this problem demonstrate the same listener bases of Dallas, Buffalo, Chicago, Atlanta, and New York City. This is shown in the three attached screenshots. It seems increasingly likely that some form of data infiltration is occurring, targeting audiences for reasons I cannot explain. Spotify, this is confusing as heck.

something up.PNG

I have the same problem. 
In my case, i listen to spotify alot and every day i get disrupted by this random songs. They start play at random times and if i switch back to my song it goes back to this random track again after 2 sec. And it keeps adding this songs to my song library.

If i keep turning songs off, i got kicked out of spotify.

I have this issue for some time and its realy annoying. I have changed passwords to spotify and facebook and it seems like have no impact on this matter.


I would love to see these artists banned or just fix this nonsense.

Update: I also changed my password and removed all devices. After I logged in with my new password, I have not been interuped with "Island Vibes" by DJ Puppet or "Hustle Hard" by The Real Puppet Gang. This really smacks of something nefarious and I am also concerned about what would appear to be a breach in security (if someone got into our accounts and an unauthorized user is responsible for the music interruptions). This potentially means whoever the unauthorized user is had access to sensitive account information. 

Yeah I'm fairly certain this is some fraudulent abuse of leaked account information from a data breach, I suggest you all update your passwords, this is much bigger than I first thought it was which means that clearly we need to be asking questions to the "artists" that appear to be paying for this exploit to boost their audience spread.

Exactly the same thing here and exactly the 2 same songs .

Changed my password as it was a really old one however Spotify should really be investigating this as it's really annoying.


Kind regards

I just posted about this kind of thing happening to my account too here


My issue is that it isn't just one or two songs it's a bunch of new and different songs.  When you google the album names or artist, nothing comes up, so they're obviously fake.  Even the album covers and song titles on these fake albums are super generic.  I've checked the about page on all of the artist and none of them have bios and they all have the cities under the "Where People Listen" page - Dallas, London, Chicago, Amsterdam and New York City or Sydney.  Songs only get added to my Recently Played list as soon as I stop using Spotify, so I've never had my playback interrupted, it just seems to add when I'm not using it.


I've changed passwords, deactivated devices twice now and it still happens. 

This is happening to me as well!! I can't play a song without it being interrupted by a random artist of stuff I'm not interested in at all. And if I am playing nothing but Spotify is open it starts playing randomly which is CREEPY. I've done all the steps, changed my passwords, etc. Literally just happened again as I wrote this. Artist name this time "Morton Wellcraft" and "FlowGirls"?? But they all look similar in style when you look at the album artwork. 
Also this one I attached the screenshot of. 
I'm not paying for this garbage anymore if this doesn't get fixed. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 9.16.30 PM.png

If you created your account using Facebook, that isn't the right password to change. You need to change the actual account password. Then, sign out of Spotify on all devices in settings, and sign yourself back in. The problem went away for me after that.

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