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Spotify says I'm offline but I'm not

Spotify says I'm offline but I'm not

My Spotify says I'm offline and doesn't work 

I logged out and logged in again but the problem didn't solve 

Please help me 

I really don't know what to do 

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Hi! Sorry to hear that! Try going to settings, then the playback tab, and make sure that the offline switch is turned off.

If it is on, it would say that Spotify is offline so you can listen to downloaded songs.

Let me know how it goes! Bye!!

I have the same problem, can`t access my app anymore

Same problem here... I have premium account and I can't listen or download any music


same here.

i can search artists but not open them.

and I can play several songs (not downloaded) from my library.


Offline mode is off but it still says you're offline! 

maybe something’s up with your wifi connection? try turning the wifi off then turn it back on again. sometimes the app acts up so try restarting your device. i’ve had the same problem and this worked well for me. hope this helped!

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